Recommender System

Recommender System- MindMap

The Recommender System is widely implemented these days in day-to-day applications. As a user, we are not aware of what intelligence is running behind the applications. To simplify let’s have a look at Netflix, Amazon, and other online shopping portals and OTT platforms.

Whenever a user watches a movie or series, Netflix always recommends some suggestions based on the user’s view history. That is the recommendation system working behind it. Similarly, online shopping platforms and apps suggest articles to us based on our shopping or search history.

This is all Recommender System working behind these smart platforms.

It’s a very vast topic. First, go through its MindMap. We will understand this in detail with hands-on Python code step-by-step in future posts.

Recommender Systems with Python Code Implementation-Part 1

Stay tuned and keep learning and implementing!!

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